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Hi Sacha,
The development site is ready to upload media. If we only have a few, you
can upload it yourself. (Batch upload is available if most of the videos are
available, and assigned with filmmaker, program code, etc.. but I’m not sure
if we have all that yet.)

So for this promotion, we only need a few, which can be uploaded at..
Go to:


Disney Themeparks


Yes, this blog has only been online for a week or two, but I decided to host it myself instead of using I’m still totally using WordPress blog software, just on my own server instead.

Go here now:

GCalendarSync v0.2 Fix

This is going to sound a little presumptuous, but it looks like something Google is doing changed last night and broke their code library for their API.

New release: Binary only | Source will be updated soon

What happened?
In the gauthrequest.cs file, provided by Google, lines 408-9 look like this

// check the content type, it must be text
if (!response.ContentType.Equals(HttpFormPost.ContentType))

and this was working until last night. In this case HttpFormPost.ContentType = “text/plain”. Problem appears that now, the response.ContentType of the authrequest is being returned as “text/plain; charset=utf-8”. So that .Equals conditional no longer does the right thing, thus the authentication breaks.

To fix, I change line 409 to


Now all is well again. Re-install and give it a go. I guess this is going to be standard for interfacing with a “beta” Google API. And we’ll just have to get used to it…

High in demand, short in supply eh?

MSN has published their Holiday 2006 Hot List to help people pick cool electronics for their loved ones.

Notice what product made the top spot…

Oh yeah. The M in MSN is the same as the M in Microsoft Zune.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised the iPod Nano made page one of the list – and only barely.

I guess this is how the Social works. (for the record, I want to buy a Zune as soon as they do something a little cooler with the WiFi).

GCalendarSync v0.2 Release + Source

What is GCalendarSync? Go to the project page

First, the links: source | binary cab

If you just want to use it on your mobile, hit that binary cab link from pocket IE and it will install for you. No, I didn’t sign my assemblies (i don’t have a real certificate), so be prepared to click through some warnings. You’ll need the .NET 2.0 Compact Framework installed for this app and you can get it from Microsoft here.

I have been using it for a day now with no issues but all the usual disclaimers apply. Use it at your own risk. I’m releasing this under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Share it and Remix it, but let me know what you’re doing with it so we can enjoy it too.

Oops… It just came to my attention that there’s already something out there called GCalSync. Wow it’s a small world. That app is *shiver* in java, so I need a new name for this app! Suggestions please 🙂

More detailed release notes after the jump…
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GCalendarSync v0.1 Screenshots

GCalendarSync allows you to import events from one or more of your Google Calendars directly to your Windows Mobile PDA or Smartphone over the air using GPRS, without docking or using Outlook or the desktop computer in any way. Release + Source is coming later today. Coming in a couple days is the reverse-sync feature so that you can make changes to your google calendar directly on the Smartphone and changes will sync back up to Google.

I’m not quite ready to release it this second, so here are some screenshots of the process of using the app. Like all Windows Mobile apps, after you close it it can still run in the background, so that allows it to run scheduled imports. Basically every minute it hits a timer interval and checks to see if it should import again (default time between imports is 60 minutes). Right now it is more of an Import than a “Sync” tool. But in the next release I will should have two-way syncro going so that you can make changes right on your phone and have those changes sent back up to Google…

And now, the screenshots (after the jump)
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