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This is a post!

Hi Sacha,
The development site is ready to upload media. If we only have a few, you
can upload it yourself. (Batch upload is available if most of the videos are
available, and assigned with filmmaker, program code, etc.. but I’m not sure
if we have all that yet.)

So for this promotion, we only need a few, which can be uploaded at..
Go to:


Disney Themeparks


Yes, this blog has only been online for a week or two, but I decided to host it myself instead of using I’m still totally using WordPress blog software, just on my own server instead.

Go here now:

namespace {

Well, this is it. I’ve finally gotten around to creating a blog where I can share my ideas and software projects. My main goal here will be to reflect on issues in the realm of software development and engineering (mainly with the .NET framework in mind). I’m working on several small gadget projects and one large-scale application in my free time and this will be a place to report on progress as well as distribute releases as they become available.

That’s it for now. I will be posting very shortly about my newly created tool to sync the Windows Mobile Smartphone calendar with your Google Calendar(s) directly without your desktop computer involved or Outlook involved.


This blog has moved HERE. Please go there for further updates, posts and comments.